IT Engineering Project Ideas

Discover diverse IT engineering projects. secure online voting, smart home automation. Excel in studies with downloadable resources for implementation.

  1. Doctor Appointment Booking & Live Chat App
  2. Business Operations with Advanced Inventory Management System
  3. Waste Food Management & Donation App
  4. Advanced Employee Management System Project Using PHP – Revolutionizing HR
  5. Detecting Phishing Websites Using Advanced Machine Learning Techniques
  6. Android-Based Customer Relationship Management System
  7. Medical ERP Systems – Healthcare Management
  8. Building an Online Complaint Management System with Python and Django
  9. Agriculture with Farm Assist – Web Platform in PHP
  10. Employee Transport Management System Project
  11. Android Blood Bank App Project
  12. Hospitality Industry with an Advanced Resort Management System
  13. Online Healthcare Management System Project
  14. General Knowledge with an Android Chatbot Project
  15. Campus Connections with the College Social Network Web Project
  16. Online Parking Booking System Project
  17. SQL Injection Prevention and Mitigation in Cyber Security
  18. Mobile Ticket Booking System Project – Travel with M-Ticket
  19. Python-based Logistics Management System Project
  20. Voice Logger Software System
  21. Online Counselling System for Colleges and Universities
  22. Real-Time Computer Location Tracking for Enhanced Security and Business Insights Project
  23. Android Patient Tracker Project
  24. Intelligent Tourism Guide System
  25. School Bus Tracking System Project
  26. Medical Aid with Online Unused Medicine Donations to NGOs
  27. Exam Cell Automation Systems
  28. News Distribution with an Online Newspaper Delivery App
  29. Personality Prediction Through Advanced CV Analysis Project
  30. Corporate Dashboard for Mobile Platforms
  31. Control PCs from Android Smartphones Over the Internet
  32. Matrimonial Portal Project
  33. Real-Time Railway Tracking and Arrival Time Prediction Project
  34. E-Learning Platform System Cloud Based
  35. Vehicle Number Plate Recognition Using Android Apps
  36. Travel and Tourism Website with Python
  37. Gym Management System Project
  38. Stay Safe Security App with Scream and SOS Features
  39. Online Air Ticket Booking System
  40. Cloud-Based Local Train Ticketing System
  41. Book Shopping with Online Book Store Project
  42. Online Bakery Management System Project
  43. Android-Based Child Monitoring App
  44. Real Estate with Our Online Property Management System Project
  45. Phone with GPS Mobile Theft Tracking System
  46. Bike Portal for Sales, Rentals, and Services Project
  47. Public News App for Real-Time Updates – Public News Droid
  48. Online Objective Test System Project
  49. Network Performance with Net Tracer Project
  50. Movie’s Now Web Application Project
  51. Society Management System Project
  52. Attendance Management with Python-based Face Recognition Systems
  53. Android Investment Tracker App
  54. Website For Real-Time Cricket Scores
  55. Android Grocery Management System
  56. Local Train Ticketing System Project
  57. E-Learning System Project
  58. Heart Disease Prediction Using Machine Learning
  59. Train Food Ordering Or Delivery App
  60. Depression Detection System using Python
  61. Student Attendance System with QR Code Technology
  62. The Online Examination Management System
  63. Online Event Management Systems Software
  64. Online Cake Delivery System
  65. Online Turf Reservation System
  66. Advanced Credit Card Fraud Detection Project
  67. Secure Web-based Chat Application with Webcam Features Using PHP
  68. Online Driver Hiring Through Android App
  69. Read Me My Book App Project
  70. Online Electricity Billing System
  71. Spy Camera App for Android
  72. Class Management System Project
  73. Android Task Monitoring
  74. Railway Ticket Booking with QR Code Technology
  75. Automated Question Paper Generator System
  76. Customer Service in Banking with AI-Powered Chatbots
  77. Android-Based Smart Voting System Through Face Recognition
  78. Streamlining Your Bug Tracking System Project
  79. Online Doctor Appointment Booking System
  80. An In-Depth Look at Advanced Restaurant Management System
  81. Price Comparison Websites for Online Shopping
  82. Smart Traffic Management and Control System
  83. Image Encryption Using AES Algorithm Project
  84. Online Travel Booking Agency Project
  85. Online Voting System Project in PHP
  86. Online Diagnostic Lab Management System in PHP
  87. Restaurant Table Booking App
  88. Online Ebook Maker Project
  89. Online Admission Management System Project
  90. Android Based Attendance System Project
  91. Android Carpool Ride-Sharing App Project
  92. Daily Expense Tracker System Project
  93. Classroom Management with a Mobile Attendance System
  94. Online Auction System – Future of E-Commerce
  95. Emergency Ambulance Booking App for Android
  96. Online Election Systems and Voting Platforms Project
  97. Academic Scheduling with the Automated College Timetable Generator
  98. Stock Market Analysis and Prediction Using Data Mining Algorithms
  99. Attendance Management with Face Recognition Technology
  100. Automated Attendance System – Classroom Management
  101. Web-Based Blood Donation Management System
  102. Fuel Accessibility with Online Fuel Delivery Flutter App
  103. Fingerprint-Based Attendance System
  104. COVID-19 Quarantine Management with Android Geofencing App
  105. Banking Security with Fingerprint-Based ATM Systems
  106. The E-Ration Card Management System with RFID Technology
  107. Create Custom T-Shirts with Online Design System
  108. Online Assignment Plagiarism Checker Project using Data Mining
  109. Twitter Trends Advanced Analysis with Latent Dirichlet Allocation
  110. Online Visiting Card Creator Digital Elegance Project
  111. Seamless Online Mobile Recharge Portal Project
  112. DIY Football Ball Launcher Machine Project
  113. Advanced Android Step Counter App
  114. Automated Coin Based Water Dispenser System
  115. Design and Fabrication of Dual Side Shaper Machine Project
  116. Voice Enabled Personal Diary with Advanced Technology
  117. Online Railway Concession Form System For College Students
  118. Android Local Train Ticketing Project
  119. Transforming Text into Audio – Advanced Text to Speech Converter App
  120. Online PDF to Text and Audio Translator with Python Project
  121. Mumbai Dabbawala Online Ordering System
  122. Advanced Car Buy Sell & Value Calculator project
  123. Smart Attendance System for iOS
  124. Enhanced Security with Smart Burglar Alarm System
  125. Advanced Android Battery Saver System
  126. The Automated Pneumatic Can Crusher Machine Project
  127. Android TTS OCR Converter for Visual Impairment
  128. Grocery Shopping Android App project
  129. Online Nursery Plant Shopping Platform
  130. Secure Remote Communication Using The DES Algorithm
  131. Web Design with Web Page Builder
  132. Online Logistic Chatbot System Project
  133. Advanced Automatic Pronunciation Mistake Detector
  134. Harnessing Power from Speed Breakers
  135. Online Bus Pass System Project
  136. Regenerative Braking Systems Advancing Eco-Friendly Travel
  137. Travel with the Ultimate Travel Buddy Finder System
  138. Online Blood Bank Management System
  139. Voice Activated Train Time Table App
  140. Internet Based Live Courier Tracking System
  141. Lan Messenger Software Project
  142. Computer Assembly with Online Customization
  143. Custom Keyboard Android App
  144. IOT Enhanced Biometric Attendance System
  145. Dual Side French Fries Making Machine Project
  146. Safe Folder App Project
  147. Calorie Calculator & Suggester Android App
  148. Software Piracy Protection Project
  149. Advanced Warehouse Management System
  150. Gear Based Quick Return Mechanism Project
  151. Android File Manager Application Project
  152. Android Hostel Management System
  153. Advanced Wireless Cell Phone Detection System
  154. Advanced E Healthcare and Online Medical Consultations
  155. Mountain Road Safety With Smart Accident Prevention System
  156. Tab Based Library Book Availability & Location Finder Via Wifi
  157. Festival Calendar System with Business Promotion Project
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